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politics in the hate-watch era

THE IRONY of MSM giving trump a free platform for months (i.e. how he never had to buy ads because the MSM gave him so much free time out of sheer sarcasm) and then going “aaah he’s winning?”.   I guess in their big, sophisticated, irony-filled Coastal Elite world, it was possible to explain their […]

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This election got me so hyperactive I’m making a twitter just to live-tweet debates with my particular style of  caustic analytics, which I call caustalitics. Wait, no, analticks.  Fuck, that should have been my handle. But instead my handle is @dadsyellinagain Anyway if you forgive me for selling out, please tell a friend.     […]

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Man, why is it so hard to find scalia jokes all in one place

Come on, Internet. You were made for this. OK, for everyone struggling to find the ‘best of deadscalia’ collection, I found it, and here it is;   If anyone finds better shit, leave it in the comments.         aaa this is just some filler. I’ll come back soon with […]

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