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Man, why is it so hard to find scalia jokes all in one place

Come on, Internet. You were made for this.

OK, for everyone struggling to find the ‘best of deadscalia’ collection, I found it, and here it is;


If anyone finds better shit, leave it in the comments.





aaa this is just some filler.

I’ll come back soon with some deep intellectual analysis of recent GOP debates, plus fart sounds.


I mean unless another clown bites the dirt.

I don’t  like purposely intend to turn this into  URINATING ON FAMOUS DEAD PEOPLE DAMAGE REPORT.  I’m just so sad that ANYONE would outlive Lemmy, even by a month.

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  1. Pez Dick February 18th, 2016 9:26 pm

    my FB post for Scalia was exactly:

    haha Scalia

    (2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up)

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