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March 6 democratic debate transcript but fake

  OK here’s my damn 3/6 Democratic debate report. It’s a mixture of things they really said and things I made up; hopefully my snide running commentary will help you tell which is which.   Actual Anderson Cooper on Nancy Reagan: Her strength and advocacy in the fight against Alzheimer’s and drug abuse will always […]

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LIBERAL NEWS FAILS The new Michael Moore film reminded me of a misgiving I’ve been having for awhile now. Because, while not in his top 3, this is the second film where he actually goes abroad to see how other countries deal with problems we have here in America. But nobody else does that! Why? […]

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Bernie Flips The Fuck Out

  Goddamn it, you people! This could be the last free election before the whole system collapses from internal rot and corruption, and you’re just giving these states to Hillary? Let me tell you something, my friends:  THIS WHOLE CORRUPT SYSTEM you’re so outraged about IS YOUR OWN FAULT.  It ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Who kept […]

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