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ONE PITY THE TRUMP-HEAD I feel bad for a certain slice of Trump voters, specifically, the people who were fed up with being taken for granted by the GOP (because, what are ya gonna do, vote for Democrats?). The people who voted for Trump just to send a long-overdue Fuck You to the GOP establishment. […]


Placebo Headshrinkers

Has anyone done a placebo-style style of the effectiveness of psychology? Like, get 100 people with minor problems (the kinds of problems affluent people routinely go to shrinks for), and divide them into 2 groups of 50.  Half go to a certified therapist of the “just listen and nod” school of therapy, whatever the fuck […]

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Funeral Instructions

  First, this should cost the minimum possible. Ideally, the funeral industry should get zero cents. The mom-and-pops got taken over by corporate death-mongers long ago. If you can persuade the county to put me in a refrigerator box and dump me in an unmarked grave for under $25, go for it. Show them this […]

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‘unity’ is gaslighting

THE PROBLEM WITH UNITY ·       “I don’t wanna!” ·       “But unity is good” ·       “But your side is wrong though” ·       “Why do you hate unity?” ·       “Well why don’t YOU unite with US then?” ·       “Because you’re being divisive, and we’re pro-unity.” ·       “Wait, what?” ·       etc.   Unity debates (i.e. the kind currently […]

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Russiagate as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

All presidents have under-the-table meetings and back-channels with both friends and foes alike. Some are good – like diplomacy which leads away from war. Some are bad – like shady financial dealings.  So why is Trump the only president targeted for this? Why, out of all the real bad things he’s definitely done in public, […]

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