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Homeless Futures: a rough draft

currently, we have ‘payroll futures’, where Wall-Street types can make million-dollar bets that wages will go up or down next year. ( Of course, if your wages go down, YOU don’t see a penny of that million, it all goes to the traders).
shortly, we’ll have ‘jobless futures’, which will be pretty much the same deal: making million-dollar bets on whether unemployment will go up or down.

After they run out of buyers for ‘jobless futures’, the big-brains on Wall Street will then invent the most high-selling, profitable type of derivative ever: ‘homeless futures’. These will have their own stock exchange, like NASDAQ.

The ‘homeless futures’ are such a hit, bets on many different cities’ future homeless populations are bundled and securitized to make SBS (suffering-backed securities). Hedge funds offer even more high-end financial instruments for those wishing to hedge their bets: many different bets ON DIFFERENT TIME FRAMES, bundled together. thus, if your bet that homelessness will increase next week doesn’t pay off, another bet that homelessness will increase in the next 4 months will pay off, offsetting your loss. rather than make all the bets yourself, you can buy 100s of different bets of different time frames all bundled together as a CSO (collatteralized suffering obligation)

oligarchs make crazy huge bets, and then try to ‘move the market’ to meet their predictions.

For instance, instituional investors such as insurance and retirement funds, ON PURPOSE lose all their clients’ money, so as to hopefully put’em on the street.  (but first, the person running the insurance/retirement fund used the fund money as collateral to place a HUGE bet that homelessness will rise).

wall st bonuses  are now pegged to food clinic line wait times.

one hedgie will take over large, profitable company just to lay people off because as homeless they are worth more to him.

another trader, betting AGAINST the first, hires 1,000 homeless as ‘financial consultants’ to get them off the streets. Naturally the ‘report’ that the ‘consultants’ write concludes that ‘homelessness will decrease in the next quarter, man.’

a new industry emerges, to assure investors that their bets on homeless numbers are backed up by unbiased data.  Homeless ‘ratings agencies’!   For any given SBS or CSO, the agencies will   issue ‘ratings’ of Triple-H, Double-H, and Sub-H, depending on how accurate the homeless count is. Of course, the ratings agencies depend on the SBS-issuing wall st. banks for their money, so the ratings are a joke.

limos prowl the alleys looking for neighborhoods with homeless ratios above or below the predicted figures: classic arbitrage.

As homeless-backed securities become THE most lucrative part of wall street, prime time analyst Jim Kramer says the homeless are now “By some reckonings, worth more than their weight in gold.”

In his State of the Union speech, the President pledges to ‘create more homeless’ to drive up GNP. He furthermore announces that GNP will be replaced with GSP (gross suffering product), a sort of ‘anti-quality-of-life-index’, which shows each country’s ‘progress’ in generating ever-higher revenue from homeless futures.
One day, suddenly, word leaks out that buffet sold all his shares in everything!   he must be making the biggest bet ever.  Rumors circulate that some crazy shiekh is betting the other way, neither one wants to blink first.

suddenly the secret is revealed: THE ULTIMATE BET. f Specifically, a bet about, if one specfic bum , dwelling in a dumpster between two bushes, is going to urinate on this or that bush on a given night, one week hence.  Only a limited number of bonds are sold, and the competition keeps the prices of the bonds going up up up. As the prices go up, more and more investors sell all their stocks, securities, etc, to buy a share  of the ‘pee in the bush’ bond.

In an attempt to predict which bush he’ll pee into, “emotion detecting” sensor drones remotely fly around and monitor his blood pressure, facial expressions,  stress levels, alcohol intake, etc. They are shot down by rival drones, operated by OTHER traders who have paid BIG MONEY for inside information of where he usually pees, and don’t want anyone else to learn it.

as the shares go up in value, more people try to buy them before the deadline, until eventually 99% of all Wall Street money is invested in this one bet.

as the deadline approaches, the bum hasn’t pissed at all. Is he sick? Jaundiced?  Dehydrated?  investors begin to worry the  bum might not pee at all. markets jittery. A scandal erupts when the Fed chairman is caught in bushes trying to pee and blame it on the bum, so as to save the bet.

Eventually, right at the last second, the  bum flips all the warring drones the finger(s), instead of peeing, he just shits his pants, and then drops dead.

All the wagered money evaporates; world financial system brought to knees.

plot twist: bum used to be ?????



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Today’s headlines from Democracy Now

Today’s headlines:

6,594 human rights feared dead in clash with civil liberties.

We look at an Award-losing documentary about  Blogonian child journalist who survived a 47-year botched execution.

300 tons of toxic waste goes on strike against Ukranian whistle-blowers.

The FIRST transgender Burmese werewolf to go on trial for war crimes.

Tonight we’ll talk with an Arabian human rights violation that’s been missing for 29 days inside the Keystone pipeline.  Is  Guantanamo to blame???

a Nigerian massacre was killed today in a roadside bombing at Walmart.

4,000 United Nations gay marriages died in a toxic hurricane crackdown.

Interview with a Ferguson astronomer about the epidemic of genetically modified factory farms raped on campus, and its links to a top secret CIA hot-pocket depository.

Grand jury refused to indict Pope Francis in the rectal feeding of  Monsanto executives.

Death squad on hunger strike after activists sue NY State for bias against the radially symmetrical.

3944 homeless veterans crushed under horrific landslide of handicapped Palestinians.

ISIS fighters execute a humanitarian crisis in  Sudan, the fifteenth such crisis to be executed this year.

Today we spend the hour with a werewolf hot-pocket.

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The problem isn’t that the senate over-represents states with small populations. The problem is that small states exist, period.
Why can’t we get rid of the fucking electoral college? small states!
(small states are ALSO over-represented in the EC and like it that way. Thanks for ‘lost the popular vote’ President Dubya, small states!)
Who does most of the filibusters? small states!
(Why? no one knows. it’s not a rule. maybe living in small states is inherently corrupting to the mind?)
Who gets a disproportionate amount of free government money? small states!
(since they can use their outsized Senate votes, and filibuster power, to demand outrageous handouts in exchange for voting with the majority of Americans)
Why can’t the majority of Americans who WANT gun control get that bill passed? Small states!
(they tend to be more rural, older, and conservative)
Who gets EVEN MORE undeserved political clout, just by scheduling their primaries early? New Hampshire and Iowa ( Iowa is barely edging into the small state category, but still). (Politicians have to kiss their ass, eat their shitty regional cuisine, and make promises that they wouldn’t make to larger states)
Why does a Wyoming voter’s vote count more than SIXTY SIX California voters, when it comes to the Senate? Because of small states.

small states: bad for america, bad for democracy.

These ugly little historical relics (New England, looking at you) deeply resent the fact that they’re small BECAUSE ANYONE WITH BRAINS LEAVES THEM AND GOES TO A BIG STATE. They have a complex, and now they’re out for revenge.

Let’s face it: If your state couldn’t survive without epic amounts of blackmail-money, government handouts, boondogles, earmarks, riders, etc. . . .then your state shouldn’t exist. And for good reason.

The Senate defends its un-democratic nature by saying, “The big states are where the money is, the big states have all the media, technology companies, so we need an equalizer (the senate) to keep them from oppressing us.”

The usual response of senate-reform people is, “No, we’d never do that to you cute little guys. We are SUPER nice. Let us have some democracy, pleeeease?”

Fuck that. After we abolish the Senate, the FIRST THING the big states should do with our overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives is, OPPRESS THE FUCK OUT OF THE SMALL STATES. Not just for fun. For the good of the country. What I mean is, STRATEGICALLY humiliate them until they get so desperate that they MERGE WITH OTHER SMALL STATES and form REGULAR SIZED, DECENT, ALL-AMERICAN states. Only then will they have enough votes to make the pain stop. And America will have around 30 states with equal populations.

Small states: just mash them up like leftover Pla-Doh.

Merge RI, Conn, MSS, NH, and part of VT into one state that looks like a hand flipping the finger.

Just to prove I don’t hold a grudge, Nevada can have Los Angeles. Or New Mexico. Fuck it, give Rhode Island a 4,000-mile easement. Just take LA away.

Who are you calling crazy? Look, what’s gerrymandering but re-drawing borders for partisan political gain? And yet, we do that EVERY TEN YEARS SINCE FOREVER. At least re-drawing state borders isn’t partisan like gerrymandering: both red and blue states are too small (and Southern Jerk States actually have way more people than I expected, but that’s a different problem).

Now that I’ve walked you through the very deep waters of political theory and democratic philosophy, let’s lighten the mood with a list of fun ways to put pressure on them:
“first in farts”
“merge me or die”.
“the saliva state”
“the tiny state that just cries like a bitch”
“land of many skanks”
“fart-knocker paradise”
“gateway to rectum”, etc.

I guarantee you that ANY of these proposals would be signed into law in the House, if the Senate were eliminated. California alone has 53 House Representatives, Wyoming has – wait for it – one. BRACE YOURSELF, CYNTHIA LUMMIS.

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trash the burner

Summer on the playa
Record crowds
Setting up the trailer
Get wasted and plowed

Wow man, that art project is huge!
what is it? It looks so. . . creative and deadly.
a ditch!
someone dug a bottomless trench round the whole camp.

First people to cross
is a group of eurotrash
they fall 20 seconds
until they reach the living moat
all scorpions all the time
Holy shit, we’re all going to die
but, it’s so unique and creative!

We can’t get out, help can’t get in
Let the party begin.


Food runs out on the 3d day.
Communal ideals are the first to die
Followed by the nudists.
They’re easier to stab

The trustafarians can’t buy their way out of this
Dot-com millionaires sucking dick for a twinkie
Lord of the Flies with glow-sticks
Now where’s your self-reliance?

“You should try my recipie for human skull”
“We roasted him on this steam-punk engine”
“Wow that’s so creative! You should send that to Etsy!”
“Yeah man, but first I need your liver.”


Water runs out on the 5th day
Hippies boil urine in vats
Most of the survivors just drink blood
Hunt down the remaining ravers with bats.
It’s like the Great Outdoor Fight
No Roast Beef in sight
Wired magazine writer, meet piano wire
Wear his skin as a blanket, set his laptop on fire
Roving gangs of lesbians
half starved and full of hepatitis
waving dildos turned into spiked bats
chase a pack of tourists into the ditch
what a Waste of meat,

a boon to mankind
total burner extinction
So many precious snowflakes
Melted in the fuckin’ sun

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1     The Only Way I Would Ever Laugh At Saturday Night LIve Is If A Cast Member Died Slowly Of Ebola In A Single Hour-Long Shot.
2      .. . . Or The Plague.
3      Where’s My Fucking Phone
4      Wedge Heels Are Just Plain Ugly (The Worst Kind Of Heel)
5       Oakleys; The Douche For Eyes
6       Snowboarder Vs. Several Yeti
7      Theme From Shat
8       drop ‘b’ tuning : why don’t you just fart into a microphone and then set $3,000 on fire?
9        Stuusy vs. Several More Yeti
10      Cormac Mccarthy and Oliver Stone Fight To Death  With Flaming Dildos; Humanity Wins
11     Leaf Blower Up Your Butt
12      These Comix Reprints Have 90% The Same Content  (Is Why I’m Pissed)
13      I Ate My Damn Salad And I’m Still Fat
14      French People (Stop Rapping)
15       Forced Ugg Inhalation Is The Penalty
16      Can We Please Have One Hug That Doesn’t End In A Fart?
17      Cat’s Behind The Computer Again  (But I’m The One Who’s Gonna Get Yelled At)
18       Use The Pin Number (To Access Your Secret Code (Which Opens Your Security Question (Which Allows You To Download Your Customer Number))))
19      Fuck No I Don’t Want Your Special Offer
20      Seriously, Whole Foods?
21     Reconsider Having Long-Shorts With A Tribal Tattoo Running Down Your Shin
22       Who Is Plantar Fascitis’ Bitch? (Me, That’s Who)
23     Out Of Pens
24      Cursive Ain’t Shit
25      Metermaid Buried Under An Avalanche Of Tonsoliths
26      ‘Santa-Fe Style’ Is Straight Garbage (Let’s Just Make That Very Clear)
27       Novels Set In The 1800s Should Be Ground Up And Sold As Sleeping Pills
28 Actually, Pretty Much All Fiction Written Before 1960 Is Butt (Just Give Me Catch-22 And Dante’s Inferno And I’m Straight.)
29 Steam-Punk Gets Beat By Steam-Rednecks (Then Thrown In Jail By Steam-Police)
30     How Long Has That Rice Been Sitting There
31     No, You’re Not The Mohammas Ghandi Of Off-Leash Dog Owners
32     And You’re Not The MLK Of Bike Lane Martyrs Either, Asshole
33     Holy Shit, Is THAT What Colgate Tastes Like?
34     Drums Suck At Being Played By Me
35     If You’re So Much Smarter Than ‘Celebutards’, How About You Just Ignore Them
36     Who The Hell Amazoned Me A Book  With The Pictures Cut Out (That Person Vs. All Remaining Yetis)
37    How Is The AT&T Bill Always Twice What We Contracted For?
38    Left Hand Column of Huffington Post (Fuck It)
39     Asshole-strology
40     Sticky Mouse (the Blame Is Mine)
42     . . . Or Even Polonium,  (Frankly, Any FSB Assassination-worthy Fissile Material Would Do)
43    What The Fuck, Blue Part Of the Toner Nozzle?!?
44     Re: Forest Jocks Giving Me the Smart-eye On The Nature Trail
45     The Best Zits (Are Hardest To Reach)
46     Dsus4: Officially The Worst Chord
47     Someone Just Downloaded 200 ‘Exotica’ Albums  (But Not A Smart Person)



leave your own song titles in comments. let’s fucking do the ultimate grumpy old man album.


Agent Drundle’s Most Dangerous Mission

Drundle’s Most Dangerous Mission

the last ‘pattern of life strike’ of the day, now it’s miller time!
wipe the cheetos off my arm and go to punch out
Rochelle says that the boss wants to see me.
Oh shit! was it that wedding party I turned into ‘bug-splat’?
Or that soccer game i vaporized in a signature strike?
That can’t be it. . . a click of a button turned the casualties into ‘enemy combatants.’
Fuck! does he know about that $50Million Predator that I almost crashed when I was texting Charleen?
I could lose my overtime pay! My Secret Santa! He might tell the government!   If i lose my clearance,  how am I gonna get that post-retirement gig at McDonell Douglas!  I might have to join the Air Force like a sucker!

Truly, the life of a warrior is fraught with danger!

Agent Drundel reporting, sir!
Sit down, Drundel. I have to ask you something.
Look in my eyes, Drundel.
Do you know the individual who ate my damn calzone?
The one with my fucking name on it in sharpie? In the break room fridge? For the fourth fucking time in a row?
It wasn’t me, sir. I’m allergic to cheese.
Sir, it says so in my records.
Very well, Drundel. If you find any information, report to me at once.

Another battle won, danger faced with stone face and animal cunning.
I Really dodged a bullet there!

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my two francs on Charlie Hebdo

First, that massacre was fucked. Fuck whoever was behind that shit. Let me say that right now, before I dive into the controversial, non-obvious bits. Fuck a cartoon-shooter.

Back when the Great Danish Cartoon Scandal of Ought-Five happened, I was like, “Oh those crazy Muslims, irrationally over-reacting again.” Now I’ve discovered what I like to call the Faggot Principle, my thinking has changed.

Here’s the Faggot Principle in a nutshell: if someone in a passing pickup leaned out the window and yelled HEY FAGGOT at you, you’ll get mad, even if you don’t have a homophobic bone in your body. Because even if gayness isn’t a bad idea, in this particular case you know “faggot!” is MEANT as an insult. And you’d be even more mad if a second pickup truck sped by with someone yelling “YOU’RE SO HOMOPHOBIC TO GET MAD HE CALLED YOU A HUGE FAG! STOP BEING HOMOPHOBIC, YOU FAG!”

So if you apply the Faggot Principle, the response of the Muslim community might still be over-reacting, but it’s not irrational or superstitious. Sure, some of the mad people really ARE psychotics who want a violent revenge on a cartoonist, but a huge amount of offended Muslims are probably just mad because they feel they’ve been fag-yelled and then called homophobic to boot. It’s this vast majority of fence-sitters (that is to say, everyday schmucks that have yet to choose a side in the coming clash of civilizations) that is going to make all the difference how that clash turns out in the end. So it’s unwise for us to write them all off as ‘irrational superstisious and hateful’ just yet.

When someone like Rushdie, Charlie Hebdo, or Theo Van Gogh, gets fatwa-ed, it’s a huge international scandal, and those guys are rightly regarded as heroes who were willing to die for freedom, western values, democracy, etc. But here’s the rub: the vast majority of the time someone gets killed for standing up for individual freedom, the heroic victim is a non-famous Muslim schlub who doesn’t give a fuck for Western values or secular pluralism, etc. . . he or she just wants to have a beer and listen to some tunes, and was willing to die for that freedom. Which is – and if you stop reading now I’ll have made my point – JUST as heroic as a ‘creative’ Westerner dying for lofty ideals.
99% of these “die-for-insulting-my-interpretation-of-Islam” incidents occur in some small bumfuck town that gets taken over by some extremist militia – Boco Haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, ISIS, whatever . . . and then suddenly the towns-people are told: “You guys better cut out listening to music, no more flying kites, cover up the women-folk, no more movies, no booze, no football on TV, etc.”

In that situation, just having the wrong-length-beard can get your wig split.

How many small-town schlubs have died just as courageously as Van Gogh or the Hebdo people, just for saying, “Fuck you guys, i’ma going to fly this kite. ” or, “Fuck you guys, I’m going to listen to some phat jams up in here.” And yet, with the sole exception of Nobel Prize winner Malala , we never know their names or respect their sacrifices (and Malala clearly has been coached in how to articulate her message in terms of Western values like equality, pluralism, democracy, etc, so that’s why she’s the exception, bless her.)

I think the main reason that muslim-on-muslim fawta-violence doesn’t get the same amount of press is because it fucks up the narrative of Pro Western Freedom Lovers Vs. Muslim Menace. The martyrs in the small towns aren’t pro-western, and nor are they a menace.

But that negative (‘It fucks up our narrative’) is actually a positive: if we drop the unspoken rule that “You have to admit your culture is inferior to ours, in order for us to give a shit if you die”, if we embrace these courageous martyrs in Bumfuck Pakistan the same way we do Charlie Hedbo, then it would send a history-changing message of “You don’t HAVE to be pro-kardashian, pro-usury, and pro-mcdonalds to join our anti-terror group!”

We could , like, instantly triple the amount of people on our side, for example ,if the west said: “let’s never fuckin’ mind about ‘the clash of civilizations’ and just get together over a shared love of un-forbidden kites, rockin’ tunes, free-flowing booze, and movies. Let’s fuck up anyone who takes that stuff away, and then maybe AFTERWARDS, if we’re still not sleepy, we can argue about niquabs vs jeggings vs butthole-wiping techniques.”

After all, these small-town but anti-western-values fence-sitting schlubs have more reason than anybody to be mad as fuck at extremism. Maybe they’re even mad enough to become pro-western . . . .but only if the western media puts THEIR martyrs’ faces up there right next to Rushdie or the Charlie Hebdo martyrs.

All, “OK we westerners DO like the gays, and we DO like the bikinis, and gays IN bikinis, . . .but we are ALSO down with rampant kite-flying, music playing all the time, movies, women drivers, beers, foot-ball-tv-watching, and end to sectarian violence, and all the other stuff that you WISH you could do. We’ll support you if you support us.”-style.

it’s precisely world-famous terror attacks like this Charlie thing that create an opportunity for all sane people to pull together, but the ensuing anti-muslim hysteria that inevitably follows just wastes that opportunity.


1 – in the west it’s ok to make fun of a particular god or preacher, but not an entire ethnic group/ religion, because groups are made of individuals who might not subscribe to fucked extremist beliefs. That’s why Jews can successfully (and non-violently) censor anti-semetic cartoons, but Muslims don’t get to non-violently censor anti-prophet cartoons; Jews understand the western system and are able to frame their objections in terms of ‘That’s offensive because not all jews are like that’ rather than ‘That’s an offense to G-d and should not be allowed.’ Jews running the mass-media helps, but it’s hardly essential, since they know the rules.

But here’s the thing: those rules are just like any social rule: arbitrary, and they don’t apply everywhere. Sure, our rule is right, and the middle-east rule of “never criticize the prophet, that’s way worse than racism” is wrong. . . but it’s also dopey to expect someone who’s never been out of his or her little dust-town-cum-opium-farm to instantly understand the West’s distinction between mocking a religion and mocking an ethnic group who happens to believe that religion. It’s a pretty fine distinction , you have to admit.
2 – max blumenthal – one of my major heroes – is being just a huge twitter-dick about this whole thing. like to the point where i don’t really want to read him anymore. when michael brown happened he was quick to point out that the media was ‘demonizing he victim’, but that’s exactly what he’s doing to Charlie Hebdo, 24/7, ever since this thing went down. Plus it’s kind of disappointing how he strongly hints that Charlie Hebdo deserved what they got, without actually coming out and saying it. You can imagine him hotly denying, “Hey! I never *SAID* that! In so many words!”   Honestly him and his cronies’ tendency to all dogpile onto allies that agree with them about 90% of politics, but disagree over some trivial shit, is so high-school-girl.

3 – it’s cool to make fun of religion but it’s just not EFFECTIVE to offend 99% of peaceful people in a given community. . . ., just to get the goat of the remaining violent 1%, that are your real target. Fuckin’ counterproductive! Show me one ‘satirist’ who offends 90% of white people ACCIDENTALLY? Not that it’s racist, but that it’s not an effective joke with that much collateral damage. Whether you’re Danish, French, or a Branch Floridian . . . can’t you think of a cartoon that would only offend the Islamic militants? Or is that fruit not low-hanging enough? Would that require spending too much time learning about the distinctions between different sects of Islam? You might SAY you don’t hate muslims, only extremists, but if the way you make jokes shows you don’t care about the very muslims that might otherwise support you, and if you’re so willing to accept 99% of them as ‘collateral damage’ of your joke, then why on earth should they believe that you ‘only hate extremists’.?

It’s like when Ice Cube explained why every other word in his raps was BITCH, he said, “What makes you think I was talking about YOU, bitch? If you get that mad, that just proves you ARE one. If the shoe fits, wear it, bitch!”

As much as I love early-90s Cube, I really doubt his explanation changed the mind of a lot of bitches.


stop me if you have heard this one

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

A religion develops a ‘new’ messiah, a puny spin-off of the main god, who gradually grows in popularity over time . . . the new version of god gets more and more jealous as his followers accumulate more earthly power, and eventually insists that he is the ONLY version of god, and the ‘old’ god is but a false idol. The minions of the new version insist the old-school true-believers mend their ways, or be put to death, or torture. All the while they keep insisting they’re only killing to HELP the old-school true-believers truly understand God better by giving the new messiah – the Usurper – a chance.

The Spanish Inquisition? The infamous Torquemada?

No. Moses! Big Moishe!

The only reason Moses is seen as a savior of the Israelites and Torquemada as their arch-nemesis is, Torquemada didn’t finish the fucking job.

If that comparison sounds crazy, or anti-Semitic to you, that just shows you how good a job Moses did of re-writing the history books. . . . erasing all memory of the old-school true-believer Jews of his day.

I’m talking about the Golden Calf worshipers.


Those were the ‘bad’ Jews in the Biblical desert,, just like the Spanish Jews were ‘bad’, 2,000 some-odd years later. . . .’bad’ because they didn’t realize that the new spin-off God was now the main, and ONLY God.
In the Torah (and the old testament), the Golden Calf Worshipers were Jews that got tired of waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain, and reverted back to worshiping their pagan idol. Actually, the Golden Calf is a metaphor, or a composite, of the dozens and dozens of Middle-East gods that most Jews worshiped ALONG WITH Jehovah. At that time, even a thousand years after the Jewish religion began, poly-theism was STILL as Jewy as eating challah and circumcision. Sure, the Israelites thought Jehovah was the MOST IMPORTANT, but they hedged their bets. In fact, even that (having a Most Important God) was normal for the OTHER middle-east tribes at the time – even the pagans and Philistines, etc,  had a main god for the city-state in which they were born.
so Moses is painted as a hero, even though basically he really liked killing Jews. like, the first thing he did after coming down the mountain and telling people THOU SHALT NOT KILL is kill Jews. the golden-calf guys.

Just like the Jews of Middle-aged Europe , the ones persecuted by Torquemada, the golden calf jews were like, “Yo, this new spin-off god of yours, ‘jehovah’ or what-have-you, he’s A’ight, but we’re going to keep it real over here. we’re going to keep it old-school. How are we wrong for worshiping the way our ancestors did?  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

compare with; “Yo, this new spin-off god of yours, ‘jesus’ or what-have-you, he’s A’ight, but we’re going to keep it real over here. we’re going to keep it old-school. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
To which Moses and Torquemada replied, “Well how about if YOU’RE broken? Motherfucker?”

(not to mention the totally psycho episode with the unfortunate fool gathering sticks on the sabbath. Not only did Moses kill him too, but he made everyone else in the tribe help -or else. Not only THAT, they killed him in the most laborious, labor-intensive, sabbath-break-y way to murder a man; stoning. Big Mo could of just had ONE Israelite cut the poor guy’s throat, that would barely qualify as labor. But no – he had to make the whole tribe labor picking up and throwing heavy stones in the hot sun all fucking day, to teach them not to labor on the sabbath. Just like how he killed to teach them that killing is wrong. (I mean Moses is kind of the Oliver Cromwell of his day – he starts out overthrowing the king and leading the people to freedom, then he just keeps killing people like he was addicted to it. Except most folks now admit that Cromwell was a genocidal booger.))

It’s not just the violence that I find scary- there’s this attitude of “I’m trying to help you be a better Jew, and you just won’t listen! Where’s the ‘Thank yous?'”

History is full of people from Totally Different Religions fighting over whose god is better. History is also full of people – mostly Muslims at this point – fighting over which interpretation of the Holy Book is better.

But this whole Moses / Torquemada thing, where the True Believers try to go Monotheistic, but their One God keeps gradually gradually splitting into new sub-gods, Trinities, or Messiahs, and they have to purge their own ranks every millennium, just to make it properly monotheistic again . . . this is some unique shit. It’s a peculiar Judeo-Christian madness.


hobbit 3 review, complete with spoilers

First of all, let me acknowledge that+


1)    it’s hard to make films for fans because we’ll complain no matter what you do, if you please the 1 percent hardcore you’ll alienate the other 99 percent. I get that.

2)    It’s hard to go off-canon, because you have to include a real ‘tolkien-ish feel’ without being ‘derivative’.  The classic problem of ‘viewers want the same exact thing as last time. . . .except different’, which problem dates back to the beginning of hollywood, and is not at all limited to hardcore nerds.


Therefore, I was actually OK with dude going off-canon.  The way he went off canon in the first 2 was well done:  he was fleshing out the backstories and eccentricities of minor characters from the real books.  That is a good compromise.

But this shit.


The dragon dying in the first 15 minutes?


Worst of both worlds:  giving part 2 a totally unsatisfying ending, and part 3 an equally anticlimactic beginning.   Cliffhangers are ok if  you’re making buck rogers serials in the 30s, but that’s because in the 30s YOU ONLY HAD TO WAIT 2 WEEKS, for the next installment, not a fuckin’ year. It feels like they put the dragon-slaying in film 3 just in order to have some canon-ish hook to hang the rest of the movie on. Like ‘we’re starting from the real book here, give us a break!’.  Fuck that.  Jackson should have had more balls, killed the dragon at the end of part 2, and blatantly said ‘part 3 is gonna be all shit I made up.  I done did 5 films of canon, I gave you nerds what you wanted, now this next one is for Peter.’

Word to ice-t.




Or if they totally OWNED  the anticlimax of part 3 – like if Smaug caught a spear to the chest while responding to an ‘urgent’ text in the middle of raping the village, or if the humans poured so much  rainbow glitter on him that the computers could no longer render him, so he just glitched up and stopped moving. Or if he just keeled over in the first 5 seconds from Lyme Disease, and then a huge-ass Dragon Tick spits out the Arkenstone, and it lands on the head of a sleeping Son Doobie, and then the next 10 minutes is a Funkdoobiest video about Lyme Disease and the importance of early detection and treatment.



Also:  I’m kind of ambivalent about the plot-holes.  I don’t like films that take the fantasy-land politics too seriously, and over explain shit that no one cares about.


But at the same time, if they have 20 minutes to waste on redundant scenes of dwarf-king-guy brooding over and over, then they definitely had some time to sew up some of the many loose ends:  what happened to the arkenstone?  What did the  main  human revolutionary guy  do after they defeated the orcs?  Did he ever get his money?  Did the elves ever get their bling? Who became the new dwarf king?  What happened to the gold? Why did the elves abandon the dwarves the FIRST time the dragon came ‘round?  Did the Russel-Brand-lookin’-ass greasy human in the granny costume with titties full of stolen gelt ever get his comeuppance?  Did Bilbo ever plant his wacky tree? Did the elf lady ever French the suave dwarf?  What about the other 2 main wizards besides Radagast, Gandalf and Osama bin Saruman? I was hoping they’d get their own backstory.  And is T-Funk still doing the Tomahawk Chop now that the Redskins are officially racist as fuck?  Again, any one of these issues is super nerdy and I forgive Jackson for not making a super-fanboy movie, BUT since Jackson is so clearly desperate to pad out the movie to 2 hours, he should have gotten into SOME of that shit, rather than: “I’m still brooding” “is he still brooding?” “Yes he is still brooding.” “how about now” “Nope, still brooding.”  “that is SO WEIRD he’s still brooding.” “Whelp, what can you do. Should we check again? “I don’t see why not, there’s still 89 minutes to go….”


And what SHOULD be done with the arkenstone? It’s clearly presented as a sort of off-brand Ring O” Power.  And I’m ok with re-doing the classic Tolkien bits in an effort to make the off-canon stuff feel ‘real.’ But you got to take it in some new direction.  As it is, they just forgot about it halfway through the movie.  At one point we’re told it’s ‘the birthright’ of ALL dwarves.  At other points, it seems to be ‘dragon-cursed’ and just plain evil.  Should it be destroyed like the One Ring, or, what? Broken into pieces and one piece given to every dwarf? Or set up like the English Crown Jewels or the weird-ass asteroid at Mecca so all the dwarves can see it once a year, single-file? Or what?


Maybe it’s dorky to get all RAND-institute-white-paper-ish re: the serious dwarven-government-policy issue presented by the arkenstone, but that’s the stuff that excites me. Compromise: I’d be happy to stop my nerdy overthinking of the issue, if  Jackson had cut out all 40 minutes of excessive King-brooding-re:arkenstone  scenes. But since it’s so important to the first half of the film, you don’t have to be  a  Dwarvish-policy wonk to wonder what happens to it in the second half.


Plus, not for nothing, but humans, orcs, elves, and dwarves is only four armies.  I guess it’s five if you include the half-dozen eagles as a whole army, but then you’d have to also include the corny-ass bats too, and then you’re up to six.  So what the fuck.  I feel like I just watched Resivoir Dogs and I’m the only one who didn’t realize who shot Mr. Pink.  (edit; just checked a Tolkien Wiki and it said the fifth army was Goblins, but they are on screen for even less time than the bats, so what the fuck) (I mean if you include goblins, you’d have to include the fake Dune worms, AND the giant-ass tactical trolls, and then you’re up to seven armies.  Which would be cool if the fake Dune worms had their own backstory and the whole movie was intercut with scenes of Worm General Command, in some underground Situation Room, arguing about which Funkdoobiest song was the best, and whether the early ‘90s really was the Golden Age of Hiphop,  (the minority faction – First Lieutenant Vermiface and Colonel Rockbarfer – contend that the whole ‘golden-age nostalgia’ is at best pedantic and at worst borderline haterish, but Rockbarfer has a less-than-rad ass engraving of Puffy, so she’s fairly suspect), and then almost coming to blows re: Lynch vs. Jodorowsky’s adaptation of Dune, before all going to Sauron’s house to demand more of the Mordor Defense Budget, accusing him of being Soft on Defense and part of the Blame Mordor First liberal elites).


And who’s the main elf lady  (Google search for “main Elf broad that  Gandalf has a  Plus Five boner for” yeilds the result: galadriel, so I’m going to go with that).   Did anyone else think it was, like, strategically weird that Galadriel used 99% of her magic strength just to take out a single, solitary, non-deluxe orc that was guarding Gandalf??? She was like “OMG taking out  that solitary non-deluxe orc was hella hard, bro. I’m wiped out, I think I’ll just  pass out from sheer exhaustion while you guys do your thing. Oh, by the way, just as an afterthought, how about I SINGLEHANDEDLY WHIP SAURON’S SPECTRAL FLAMING ASS with the last remnants of my magic points?”


Amirite, fellas? The guys know what I’m talking ’bout!


Plus, besides his damsel-in-distress-role-reversal,  gandalf does nothing cool.  I was stoked to see Radagast make a cameo, but even he just duplicates powers and spells and rabbits he had in previous films, I was hoping that they’d do what they did in the first joint and flesh out his character more, flashbacks, new and exciting feats of wizardry, or at least more drugs.


Plus, another problem:  nobody says things that a regular person would say in that situation. Nobody ever tells their opponent some simple piece of information that would make the opponent say, “Wha–? Really? Oh shit, we’re on the same side, here. Why didn’t you say so. Jesus, we almost did some dumb shit there!”  Which is by no means a problem unique to this movie. In fact that exact issue – where you are so frustrated you want to yell at the screen “JUST TELL HIM THE OBVIOUS THING! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?”.  It’s such a common issue of movies there really should be a word for that exact phenomenon.

Like when Big Mohawk Dwarf guy shows up, nobody says to him, “King-Broody-Pants done got Dragon Sickness! He’s gone nuts!”.

Or when Main Human meets the Dwarves/Elves/Gandalf, he never says, “Guess who killed a motherfuckin’ dragon? THIS GUY. THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.” And then he never points to his own chest and goes “Deeeeyamnnnnn.”

And at no point in the 4 hours devoted to tedious negotiations over the Dwarven Loot does any human, dwarf, elf, halfling accountant, Goblin corporate arbitrator,  Ninth-level Ent contract attourney, or transgender half-Urik-Hai  Financial Settlement Specialist ever think to ask, “How MUCH of the money do the non-dwarfs want?”  (OK I get that the Main Dwarf was fully Gollum-ized by that point (or is it fully Theoden-ized? Or fully Denethor-ized? Or any of the million other Fucked Kings of Tolken (see also: “going off canon but trying to keep it real by recycling older tropes”- difficulties, as I mentioned at the beginning),. . .. anyway, I get there was no reasoning with the Main Dwarf, but still the characters should say  the things that YOU in the audience would say if you were them.)


Another scene where obvious dialogue was willfully suppressed:  “Hey elf-lord! If you don’t belive old Gandalf that a bajillion orcs are on their way, why not ask Elrond, WHO I WAS JUST WITH WHEN HE KILLED 9 ECTOPLASMIC NAZGUL!”  (and the elf guy would be “Oh you mean they take ectoplasmic form until they have absorbed enough Evil Energy to make a physical body?” and then Voldermort would be like “Aww yeah! Isn’t that how everyone does it???” (Also:  Voldermort was so FAT in the last couple of movies.  I would love to see a director’s cut of the last Potter film where someone photoshopped a big sandwitch into his hand in every scene. All pesto sauce and mayonaisse running down his cheeks. All napkin tucked into the top of his muu-muu. All Brando from Apocalypse Now popping in the frame, going, “You gonna finish that?”))


Also it would of been rad if the eagles flew into the battle, took a look around, and went like, “Naw, fuck this.”


Or if they came swooping in but they only saved Funkdoobiest, and Gandalf was all, WTF man, i thought you guys were cool.  And the main eagle was like “AWK! SHITTIN ON ‘EM! SHITTIN ON ‘EM! AWKKKKK!”


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sayonara sale!

In the past month, i’ve spotted not one but BOTH of the things I’d been waiting a decade to see:


1) a RUN-DMC parody t-shirt. . . . that ACTUALLY SAID RUN-DMC.

2)  an African woman with an Asian boyfriend.


As a result, I feel that my Japan experience is complete and I’m going to fuck off back to California at the end of this month.

I have no idea if anyone reads this anymore, but I’m giving away a bunch of free shit if you come to my house and haul it off.


I’m talking about:  a ton of English novels, furniture, bicycles, blender, gas table, refrigerator, crappy stereo speakers, hundreds of rad and tasteful CDs, a vacuum, full-length mirror, AND a  damn Roland Juno keyboard!

If you want that stuff you’ll have to get your ass out to Musashi Koganei (on the chuo line) BEFORE THE 28TH.

It’s all free though.


if you want it , email me in the comments.

As for what’s going to become of this site, I have no idea. Obviously I’ll keep TDR up although  I won’t update it anymore.

From now, I want to start a new website devoted to satire.  political satire, music, random drunken rants, ideas for books I’d like to read but would never take the time to write,  ideas for fashion trends, etc.


I guess what I’m asking is, do you think I should do my next site also with wordpress?


Or should I use a different blog thing?


I’ll tell you right now, no facebook or fucking twitter. fuck that shit.

OK, thanks for reading, and if you know anyone in Tokyo that wants a free CD or keyboard or mirror etc. let them know.




signifying rabbi AKA schooly D solves the Middle East crisis

Way, way down, in the ghetto deep
The badass pimp stepped on the signifying rapper’s feet
And the rapper said, Nigga can’t you see
You’re standin on my motherfucking feet?
The badass pimp said, Sure I ain’t heard a cocksucking word you said
You say some more, I’ll be standin on your motherfucking head
Yeah that’s what he said
Cause every day, when the sun go down
The badass pimp come and kick that rappers ass all over ghetto town
But the rapper got wise, started using his wit
And said man, I’m gettin tired of this kick-ass shit
So early, early early the very next day
The rapper said, mister pimp, mister pimp I got something to say
There’s this mean, big bad faggot comin your way
He talk about you so bad, turn my hair gray
Listen, listen to what he say
Listen to this mister badass pimp
This what the faggot said
He said, you know your daddy and he’s a faggot
And your mother’s a whore
He said he seen you sellin asshole door to door
Yeah that’s what he said, listen to what else he said mister badass pimp
He said, your granny, she’s a dyke
And your other brother, he’s a faggot
And your little sister Loo
She’s so low she sucked the dick of a little maggot
Yeah that’s what he said
The badass pimp was mad
Jumped up in a hell of a rage
Hopped in his Caddy and loaded his 12 guage
Caught up with the faggot on 55th and Vine
Said you faggot, it’s gonna be your ass or mine
The faggot looked at the pimp, and saw fear in his eyes
Said motherfucker, you better go fuck with somebody your own damn size
The pimp made his move, and thought he was fast
The faggot side-stepped him and kicked him in his ass
They fought all that night, and all the next day
That faggot kicked that pimp’s ass in a hell of a way
Me myself I don’t know how he survived
Came back to the projects more dead than alive
And the rapper, standin up on one of those tall ass project buildings
He said, DAMN somethin smells
He said, mister badass pimp look live you’ve been through hell
As I told one of my hoes before you left
I should’ve kicked your ass my motherfucking self




Anti-war bloggers and human-rights activists are going about this anti-Gaza-massacre-protest thing all wrong.

Israeli politicians seem to enjoy all the human rights complaints. For years they’ve been telling the citizens this narrative:  “The whole world hates Jews for NO REASON, and we are the only ones protecting you from the world. You need us!” The more tsk-tsking Israel gets, the more power local elites get.


TL;DR:  they drink your sweet sweet tears, liberals!


So if you can’t shame them into digging the groovey human rights of Palestinians, and you damn sure can’t over-power their military with your retweets, what is left? The obvious solution is to turn the various powerful factions (political parties, football clubs, religious kooks, army/secret-police goons, and settlers) against each other.  After all, these factions  have been growing more and more powerful for a decade now, while regular Jewish Israelis are more and more scared to even speak their minds for fear of being labeled a “terrorist sympathizer” and stomped by a mob. As public debate and democracy go downhill, the various ambitious leaders must ALREADY be wondering “Hey, we already took over the country thiiiis much *streteches arms* without even trying, imagine how much MORE powerful we could be if we stopped sharing the power with all these other rightist factions . ..  who aren’t Real Jews like us because (insert reason).”


All the leftists need to do is give the rightist ego a little shove.  It’s exactly as foretold by, of all people, SCHOOLY MOTHERFUCKING D, in his song Signifying Rapper. In addition to having basically the most cuss words of any song not on Rap-A-Lot records, AND in addition to having the most crushing Led Zeppelin beat since Rhyming and Stealing, updating African folklore (google Signifying Monkey) into the Philadelphia projects . . . ., this song also can solve the mid-east peace crisis.



Put another way, it’s exactly BECAUSE the rightists have such a lock on all the levers of power. . . the left can make the right do what it itself cannot.



The divisions between rightists are already there.  Settlers are united in their hatred of Palestinians, and love of sweet sweet government subsidies, but divided into two groups:  super secular army-vet guys, and super duper religious. What if someone were to spread the word to the super religious settlers that, starting next year, the government was going to take all the subsidies away from them and give extra subsidies to the secularists? And, like, vice versa?



These settlers have been honing their techniques of intimidation harassment and small-town terrorism for decades on their Palestinian neighbors . . . but have no experience in TAKING it, because they’re protected by the IDF.  imagine if they brought all of that grudge-wielding hatred to bear on each other??


And what would the IDF even do to stop it, without appearing to take sides and thus turning mere rumors into reality?


Another example: allegedly the ringleader of the kindnapping-torture-murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir is a member of both an extreme religious group AND Israel’s most racist football firm.


That’s a civil war just waiting to happen: football hooligans love casual dress, partying, pumping iron, and banging sluts at terrible electro discos. the Haredim (AKA Ultra-Orthodox) hate all of those things. A classic jocks-vs.-nerds fight waiting to happen. How hard could it be to tell the Haredi group, “The ringleader said you’re some nerrrrrds!” and then tell the football firm “The ringleader said that you’re all going to go to hell for being shitty Jews, and you’ll be there right next to the Arabs.”


Other rifts in the power structure waiting to be exploited:


Ashkenazi (European jewish majority, AKA the rich, establishment Israelis)  vs Mizrahi (Arabic Jews AKA new working-class immigrants hoping to earn respectability by being the most violent anti-Palestinian rioters/lynchers but who not so secretly hate the arrogant and condescending Ashkenazi).



Rifts INSIDE IDF:  tell the Mizrahi that all the promotions are going to the Russians who clearly don’t deserve them, and vice-versa. Watch morale and discipline crumble.


Variation on the ethnic theme: Allegations that an off-duty Russian Israeli IDF captain was spotted at a hotel with the wife of a Mizrahi Lieutenant who was risking his life on the front lines of Gaza: classic J. Edgar Hoover shit.


Similarly, Shin Bet (I guess, the equivalent of the FBI) vs. Mossad (=CIA). Not sure what existing resentments those guys have to exploit. Maybe someone can tell me?


Racist football gangs vs. other racist football gangs.  I mean, they’re SUPPOSED to beat each other up, that was the whole point of hooliganism! Just wait until the most racist team plays the second most racist team. . . . How hard could it be to get a bent ref in there to hand one team a completely unfair victory in the last 3 minutes of the match?  Jesus, that’s a no-brainer.  200 skinheads in the hospital, 200 more in jail, zero Palestinians lynched.


OH! Here’s a last one, and maybe the most fun: the Haredim vs. everyone! They don’t have to work (religious-study welfare), they don’t have to serve in the army (which is expected to die defending them when they provoke Palestinians), and best of all: many of them ARE NOT ZIONISTS.  Any goyim who ever had to read The Chosen in high school, knows what I’m talking about:  there’s some passage in the Torah which supposedly says “Israel can’t be officially re-established until AFTER the Messiah comes back.”, so these hard-core literalists feel like the Israeli state is blasphemous, which puts them somewhere BEYOND Fatah (the Palestianian sorta-government in the West Bank).


The question is not, “how do we provoke a civil war between haredim and everyone else?” but more like, “How has this not ALREADY become a civil war?!??”


There’s a million and one hilarious ways this could go, but the first scenario that comes to mind:  “Hey, Haredim!  The Gummint is so proud of the (secular, non-european) Mizrahi for oppressing the Palestinians, they’re going to take all your yeshiva money and subsidies and give it to Mizrahi on welfare! Starting next year!”


The icing on the cake: think of the hasbara! (no, it’s not a ‘70s cartoon company, it’s a Hebrew neologism for “propaganda”, spread not just by the government but by “independent” newspapers, American pundits, and legions of part-time social media worker-bees).  The hasbara people are among the world’s best trained, best equipped, masters of verbal warfare, misdirection, evasion, sophistry, cunning and trolling.   But the whole hasbara system, with its many components (paid government workers, Joe-schmoe internet trolls, pundits, “journalists”, and “community organizations” like the JADL . . .each of which has different vested interests) depends on them having a common cause, a common opponent, to keep them from sniping at each other.


So once Israeli rightist elite factions start fighting EACH OTHER, the hasbara system will also be directed inwards, magnifying divisions, spreading rumors, using all their techniques which they’ve been perfecting on arabs and left-center Jews, and helping tear the whole system apart without any further effort.  It’ll be a Godwin’s Law orgy.

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sochi aint shit



I’m going to Sochi,  to give Putin a trophy

The crowd is all saluting  for the way that he blows me

Homie sucks like a Flowbee , calluses is on both knees

He’s grody he’s lonely , wants to show me his goatse

Judges gave him a 9 –    The deepest throat of the winter

But deducted one point, because my man is a spitter

“Don’t cum in my pot (russian for mouth)” is what he always said

So I gave him an “instant Gorbachyev”

She was Head of state but still couldn’t get a date

Then she had the bright idea to repress the gays

All the competition was locked in a cell

Now Miss Vladimir has all the cock to herself




(we don’t love them tricks!)



(talking about my penis!)


she wants to see What is lurkin’   all up under my merkin

Don’ t got a pussy riot but I got a    boner disturbance

I unholster the serpent ,she grab a hold and start jerkin

Putin’s moaning and flirtin -bitch bend over and start twerkin

I put a whole lot of work i, now I’m hosin I’m squirtin

I’m wreckin that rectum;  reckon it’s over its curtains

Now will you go put a shirt on? Better go see a surgeon

’cause that aperture  looks like it’s  totally hurtin

Putin said “Nyet,” Drank the load and kept slurping

I was nuttin and bussin   so hard she got a concussion

she drank it all up,  just like a White Russian


Olympics is nothing, but graft and corruption

50 billion in taxes For roads that don’t function

Hotel over the budget, but still under construction

where’d the money go, I don’t know, Go ask Snowden or something!

The commode isn’t flushing, the ceremony disgusting:

Just a unicycle bear eating moldy old Funnyuns

Meanwhile people so bumming , they’re selling manhole for cash

That’s not a gay joke, They sell the covers for scrap

Just to feed all their children,  cause their taxes was tapped

By the evilest villains ,they’re stealing them billions

And they’re building new prisons For the gays and the Chechens

For athletes that is protesting Journalists who ask questions

Want to do to them What you did to Circassians!

Distractin’  attention onto stranger s and  scapegoats so

embracin the church and blame it all on the rainbow

Now gay bashin is in fashion with  the national pride

While you’re robbing them blind and slashing their rights

Cameras in the pipes, there’s spies in the showers

Surveiling the boners, just in case one is homo





you’re an anti-gay bigot , just      because you aint felt my dick yet.

Cold getting indignant, because your manhood is a figment

You got a scandalous pickle, far from a hammer and sickle

Hung like the smallest matroshka          With one damaged testicle.

Put away and belay that shit,  it’s absurd and and irrational

I’m gay and persuasive,   like the third international

Homos  you were hating now you’re connecting my dong to lips

Get busy like Tatlin,  and  start erecting my monument.

I was pumping like Gazprom  I’m hung like a mastodon           .

With a latex bra  and some colorful Pampers on

He played my dick and balls like  a triathalon

I gave him a medal for choad guzzling brain work

He got the silver I got the  gold cause I came first.

Then snuck with his blue bucket his ducats and his vodka

Dosvidanya, don’t say I didn’t warn ya

There’s a chance of  crabs or perhaps a rash on your pee-pee

just spray it with Febreeze, thanks for the meat sleeve.

By the way I’m havin’ this  Yacov Smirnov CD.





Something he said to me one day, something he said to me . .. !

“I practice butthole surfing every day, I’ma win it!”

“But Vladimir, that’s not even in the Olympics!”

Man fuck them old limp-dicks, The sponsors is pimping

The athletes is whoring while   The contractor’s grifting

Meanwhile the IOC, profits from the bribery

Just for saying that, the FSB uhhhh they opened a file on me

Plus they got Rule 50, shut you up in a jiffy

You can get black-listed if you raise a black fist up

Plus your medals get ripped up, politics is forbidden

That’s why nobody’s cheering when their country is winning.

The whole façade is Potemkin               Just a cog in the system

So ignore the gay-bashing                      Just say your sponsor’s terrific

But if you try to address it                         You might  get arrested

Free speech is for hooligans                   And gays all molest kids






Pass the Johnson quit hoggin it , Face first like tobogganist

She suck like an octopus    ,on the root like a botanist

every body in Moscow is , stretching   out  that esophagous

speed this line up,    it’s getting monotonous

hosing disposing and deep  throating a lotta jizz

two gallons o cum !  just like 2001,

you want that big black monolith, right where your tonsils is

the breakfast of champions       word to Kurt Vonnegut

keep it Kandinsky, yo you’re keeping it Communist

you want that Red Wedge          all up  in your naughty bits


so deep that it hurts you Deeper still it converts you

Now you’re trickin in red square             In a wig and a girdle

Vladimir had a rear  that was queer and so versatile

It was reversible,           more tricks than a circus do

he knows I’m an ass-man, so he’s wearing those chap-pants,

in the club for a lap-dance, get   more butts than an ash-can

Caught on the dash-cam giving head in a Lada

Called it Vlad TV, now it’s a headline on Pravda

And it ain’t kompromat, it’s more of a compliment

5 kopeks a load: She’s  the Moscow Laundromat,

Pay me the rubles,  and you can pound that ass Round town her

name is The Louge                because she go down so fast

And it aint cool runnings           More like Dudes Cumming

Cus when Putin’s in effect yo you can wreck it for nothing