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mp3 post: Ookubo Fukubukuro (大久保スタジオの福袋) – download link fixed

     ALBUM : OOKUBO STUDIO "LUCKY BAG" BAND: never GENRE: all types. YEAR: 2002-2004 download the whole thing here. – LINK FIXED sorry about that. Japanese stores celebrate New Years (one of the biggest holidays in Japan) by giving out FUCKUBUKURO (literally, 'lucky bag'): grab-bags of clearance merchandise from the previous years. You never […]


mp3 post: 18 from ’98

        download the whole thing here.   BAND: Just me. ALBUM: 18 from 98 (aka 98-18) DATE: take a good guess, stainer!   In 1998, I got my first keyboard: a Roland Juno.  I was teaching myself to free-style at the time. This was before napster and free music, so if I […]

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