Tokyo Damage Report

department H @ Tokyo Kinema Club

This event took place on July 4th. While you foolish Americans were eating tubs of fireworks deep-fried in mayonaise, I was seeing naked jellyfish-women fighting crab-monsters at  DEPARTMENT H  – (a monthly  fetish party for middle-aged Tokyoites.  It’s kind of a exhibitionists-vs.-voyeurs battle where everyone wins. . . . if you’d like to go, the website […]


department H : bodybuilder version

DEPARTMENT H @ TOKYO KINEMA CLUB, JUNE 7TH, 2008 like I said before – department H is tokyo’s exhibitionist- voyeur – gay – straight – fetish party. I always wondered why people here are so low-key. I never see drunks or people obviously on drugs. Even the people doing s/m or body piercing do so […]

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Department H: muppet version.

mAY 3, 2008: DEPARTMENT H.   Department H (totally massive website HERE) is a monthly fetish party. It was gone for a while and now it’s back. It’s hosted by this dude named Margaret, who is one of the most advanced drag-queens in the city, and he introduces each performer with the battle-cry: "come on, […]

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department H: bondage version

7/3 Department h show . First act was the best? Some lady who came out in a giant mask of P-CHAN. P-chan is the mascot of the Tokyo police department, who use a cute Outer Space Cartoon Yellow Mouse to strike terror into the hearts of evildoers. Anyway, P-CHAN came out in a little bikini […]

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Department H: wack version.

After the metal show, it was 10:30 but the adventure was just getting started. I headed to DEPARTMENT H, the all-night pervert party…. My friend was new in tokyo and wanted to see something ‘new and interesting.’ Ok, how about a supervillain insect transvestite, a zombie nurse and her pet pig, and some vain, vain […]

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department H : musical version.

in case you missed the last review, DEPARTMENT H is a sort of sexy carnival-like smorgasbord of perversion, on the first saturday of every month So this might be a good time to explain the difference between HENTAI pervs and FETISH pervs. HENTAI pervs are the usual Otaku types — very quiet, chubby middleaged guys […]

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Department H.

Sleep most of the day, and finally go to DEPARTMENT H, and all night pervert carnival. I like it because it doesn’t pander to any one constituency. This ALONE would make it perverted, in super-pigeonholed japan. It’s mostly drag queen – s/m – super-pierced-people oriented, but anyone is welcome, even a pure and virginal soul […]

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