Tokyo Damage Report

axeweild, el nudo, turtle island, cheerio, no think @ 20000v

july 4th, 2008   (where possible, the band-names are a link to their respective sites)  turtle island turtle island were fucking nuts. I can’t believe i had never heard of them. They had ten people! Western drums, japanese (tyko) drums, a gong -player (!!), some other percussions, a stand-up base and a fuckin’ flautist. Oh […]


quill, deep slaughter, no value, fuck on the beach, el nudo

@ Nishiogikubo WATTS. 1,000th punk live report!!! tonight, a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE gap between ‘band energy’ and ‘audience indifference’. The bands were just going absolutely nuts and spitting and jumping off the roof and climbing the walls and gnawing each others’ arms off and traveling back in time and shit, and the audience was like, ‘doo dee doot […]

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