Tokyo Damage Report

vacation: Korea

I needed to get out of tokyo, and visit the countryside. but it’s such a huge city, (how huge is it?) ….it’s faster to fly to a whole other country than to try to find the edge of tokyo. so i went to korea. DATE; Monday January 5 on the plane flight over, there are [...]

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Korea: appendix three: poo.

Gyesoon is my penpal who is editing a book about dung. that’s right, dung. She says there’s a large market for kids’ pooping books. The market is so large, they even have different subgenres: this one is especially disturbing due to it’s Beatrix Potter style. then there’s the ‘mascot style’ poopy and this magazine, (over [...]

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Korea appendix two: cute characters / mascots

APPENDIX 2: CUTE CHARACTERS Here is the fundamental truth I learned about Korea: it’s actually easier to get cute Korean character dolls in NEW YORK CITY. Actual Koreans aren’t nearly as into dolls. . . it’s not like Japan where everyone wants to be cute. Once you reach 10 or so, Koreans are supposed to [...]

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Korea appendix one : Engrish

appendix one: ENGRISH "Engrish" is a slightly offensive word used to describe what happens when other countries (usually Asian) try to use English to sound hip, and fail. The first picture is NOT genuine Engrish. It’s just messed up so i thought i’d throw it in here. intro Spread the venom Hide Sites

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Korea 7: Suzie is the cutest thing on the planet

MONDAY WEATHER: sunny and warm.   Go hike Pukansan again. I take a different trail this time, and hike to the top of the ridge. They have a little fortress wall there. I waste no time in getting lost. I hike for 5 hours straight, and when I finally find an exit, I’m by this [...]

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Korea 7: jitterbugging with crazed GI Joe guys

THURSDAY Weather: cloudy but not too cold. leave the hotel and find. . . 10,000,000 junior high students on a field trip. There’s a parking lot the size of a football field full of nothing but busses. Jesus. It’s out of control!! Some girl comes up and says the only English she knows: "I’m a [...]

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