Tokyo Damage Report

d.s.b. final show part one 3/28/2010 @ antiknock

Yes. DSB has broken up. The same band that I saw on my very first show in Tokyo almost 10 years ago at the Antiknock club, now I'm seeing their last show . . . at the Antiknock club. that's right: 13 bands. I saw 12, remembered 10. 9 1/2. Ten-ish.   Anyway.   DIGRAPHIA [...]


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DECEMBER 12 AT OOKUBO EARTHDOM: magma beat hell v.3 "magma beat hell" is the name of the concert series that the band Kriegshog puts on. Since when do hardcore bands produce concert series? Since they have to pay to play, dummy!   The band has to pay to rent the hall, and they also have [...]


conquest for death, Pisschrist, crow, kriegshog, framtid @ earthdom

This show was INSANE. 6 hours of nonstop hardcore, in a venue where there was not room to move. In between bands, the staff had to get a mop and bucket and mop the sweat off the stage. This was not band-sweat. This was the same sweat that coated the audience in a 3mm layer. [...]


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BARKING OF THE DOGS, SNORTING OF THE HOGS @ EARTHDOM   KRIEGSHOG   This was a show organized by HG FACT (Japan’s most venerable HC record label). it was the last show of the KRIEGSHOG / DOG SOLDIER tour, and both bands told me they felt some pressure to wrap things up on a suitably [...]

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PUNK ROCK @ earthdom This was an unusual live for 2 reasons: 1) most of the bands i had never heard before turned out to be awesome, and 2) most of the bands had female members. Maybe that is not weird for a punk-rocker in YOUR country but in Tokyo that is pretty wild stuff. [...]

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CRUSTY PUNK PARTY AT OOKUBO EARTHDOM   KRIEGSHOG homepage here: they have a 5 song demo cassette. Masaki, the singer, is fluent in English.     TOTAL NOISE ACCORD (OSAKA) Bassist had this amazing thing: he afro’d his hair, then put it up in liberty spikes, and then grew a chin-strap beard. This band would [...]

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