Tokyo Damage Report


(if you're just tuning in, parts one and two are down the page) Since I’d joined the Imperial Way Party, this was the first time I’d ever heard of, and understood, the real ambitions behind it. And in that moment, I not only learned the truth of politics, but also I felt as if I’d […]

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Oe’s Death of a Political Youth, PART TWO

CHAPTER 2 The Imperial Way Party hosts regular “Discipline and Self-Improvement” parties for the younger members. At this party, there was a rare argument. I was lost in thought, in the farthest corner of the auditorium, when I heard the accusations fly all around my head, like so many lines in the most dramatic play. […]

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Kenzaburo Oe’s Death of a Political Youth

Last year I translated Kenzaburo Oe's novella SEVENTEEN. You can read it here. Seventeen – besides being funny – is important because it got banned for making fun of the uyoku (the black van militia right-wing guys).  It was translated into English. But what the English version doesn't say, is that the  SEVENTEEN novella is […]


SEVENTEEN, now downloadable!

No, not the girls' magazine. The Japanese novella that was banned after the first printing, on pain of death! The novella I just translated into english for your reading-and-or-Emperor-disrespecting pleasure.   The novella you can download here for free! All in one place.   Let me back up a second: Last year, I posted my […]