Tokyo Damage Report

reup ; 2005 winter design festa

  11/26~27, 2005 @ Tokyo Big Sight ok, finally. . . . design festa fashion roundup. thanks to the kind folks who posed for me. or, you can click the picture. ooh, internet! click stuff! woooo. also i love how she is accessorized with that industrial pylon.   DESIGN FESTA WINTER 2005 ? NOV 26 [...]

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reup : INSANE: quill, ug man, mind of asian, pigmen

Oct 3, 2004   QUILL LIVESHOW as for me, i saw the BEST BAND EVER called QUILL but i don't remember them because right before i asked the bartender for 'your strongest' and she pulled out this fucking polish vodka that was like 186 proof. never opened. covered in cobwebs. holding it out at arm's [...]

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reup: boob$hit, anthropic disease, one armed bandits, smashed cocks,

ANOTHER GODDAMN DRUNK PUNK SHOW Nov 21, 2005 Stay in bed all day listening to dark throne. Then, around 3 , I get a bootycall from Der Fraulein. She’s all ‘so what are you doing tonight?’ I’m all ‘goin to a show, later’ and then AFTER i hang up I’m like, ‘Now, WAITaminute. . . [...]

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reup: IKEBUKURO BEERNING: 4 spikes, epidemic, drunk bois, boob$hit

saturday april 23. IKEBUKURO BEERNING VOL.4 april 23, 2005 I AM GOING TO BE BRIEF because i have wrote about all these bands before 4 SPIKES . despite being the opener they gave one of their more energetic shows. the singer was all munching on a banana. EPIDEMIC My first time to see them. Just [...]

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reup: afurirampo, gekitetsudan @ Spiral in Aoyama

osaka avant-garde band tour live. april 9, 2005 @ Spiral in Aoyama 劇鉄団 GEKITETSUDAN (iron theater squad)   These guys were kind of a rock opera. They had a lady on stage telling a story over minimal flute music, while ? on the side of the stage- a huge picture frame displayed a selection of hand-drawn [...]

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  mar 13, 2005 SLIGHT SLAPPERS this band is the BIZZO. First of all, they are a big band who is humble enough to open the show. They just showed up at the club, plowed through like 15 songs in 4 minutes, killed everyone, drank our blood, and left before dinnertime. TC of motherfucking B. [...]

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