Tokyo Damage Report

brutal tower!

There's an odd corner near  Parco in Shibuya – one of those weird architectural bits. But unlike some of the other architecture weird things I post – this one not weird because it's rare – it's weird because you can actually SEE something that's pretty normal but usually hidden. My friend and I were having [...]


mayday / constitution day demos.

  MAY DAY DEMONSTRATIONS:   May first was May Day, an international workers’ holiday. Myself, I’m a lazy bum whose hands are as un-callused as the pirenium of a newborn, but I went anyway. I didn’t really know where the May Day demo was scheduled, so I just looked for plainclothes police:     Once [...]


west tokyo graffitti part FIVE: shibuyaaaa

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KOGAL interview.

  There used to be 1,000,000 identically dressed kogals in Tokyo, now there are 5 left, and they keep them in a museum.  Where did the rest go? It turns out that  one of my friends was one – I  had known her for over a year and would never have guessed she used to [...]


Shibuya’s 109 building

It’s one of those things in the guidebooks that is actually worth seeing. Just don’t expect the customers to have that crazy blackface fashion from 1999 anymore. The customers are in fact just as dull as mall girls in your home country. If you absolutely gotta watch the customers, try holding up the wall in [...]

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  Every city has swingers’ clubs or sex clubs. Tokyo has “Happening Bars.” Some are strictly for bondage, some are only for couples-swapping. Many foreigners living in Tokyo joke about wanting to go, but never do. I was lucky enough to snag an interview with someone who revealed everything to complete strangers, and now reveals [...]