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west toyo graffitti part SIX: shinjuku

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people-watching in Shinjuku station – drunks!!!

I swear, Tokyo is not that expensive. I’ve been to all the rock shows, s/m shows, taiko, cosplay, all that shit. . . but my favorite thing is still Shinjuku station after 9 pm. And it’s free!! People from all walks of society converge here, united by a love of getting piss drunk. Salarimen, goths, [...]


more Shinjuku station war stories

I know i talked before about how awesome people-watching at Shinjuku train station is. It’s not a Mardi Gras or Carnivale type situation by any means, but COMPARED TO REGULAR UPTIGHT JAPAN it’s pretty fun. Shit, i go there regularly to people-watch and i’m not even a tourist. WHERE , HOW, AND WHEN– East entrance [...]


Shinjuku fashion check

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: the drape is correct! NO RETAILER need hesitate in promoting the DRAPE. it is now the dominant style trend. OK, this is actually perfect english. but, i mean, damn. SOUNDTRACK: ‘i’m going to hollywood’ – fang. EVENT: TOKYO FASHION CHECK (shinjuku subway mall) Basically dead. Oddly, NOT from alcohol. Just from [...]

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baaad place: DAIKAN PLAZA

engrish of the day: GARGLE GUM (from korea)   So, after all the self-indulgent ranting of the past week, i feel that some pandering to my audience is in order. and what better way to pander than YET MORE PERVERSIONS??   OK, first of all are two video companies: LOVE AND BOOTS, and FOOT-CRUSH.COM. aside [...]

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tokyo skyline!

OCTOBER 24 2003 Today kicked so many asses I don’t know where to start counting. The last hour of class was like, ‘what? me teach?? just do home work for an hour.’ I was like, "so, do I want to do home work in this dingy little fluorescent -lit room. . . or, say,.. ON [...]

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